Exhibition: On/Of Paper

“On/Of Paper: Work by the Faculty of Architecture at Penn State” suggests where and how drawing and paperwork — in the broadest sense of the terms — are essential in an architect’s practice. December 2019 – March 2020


Drawings Included in Exhibition:

  • Periodic Drawing 0717 (top left)
  • Periodic Drawing 0817 (top right)
  • Periodic Drawing 0919: Mikl Em or Commit to the Reality That Happens (center)
  • Periodic Drawing 0716 (bottom left)
  • Periodic Drawing 0816 (bottom right)


Drawing Label:

[The grid] … is a virtual site where architectural experiences and events circulate, combine, and recombine. It is the plane of Event. This plane hovers just above or just below the actual elements of architecture, more like a field of potential charged by invisible forces than a thing or even a geometry. – K. Michael Hayes


Each drawing begins with a diagonal grid, the framework for axonometric (plan oblique) space. Axonometric space has a lot of properties that attract me. Three are particularly relevant: there is no singular point of view, the construction can be expanded in all directions, and there is a tension between two-dimensionality and spatial illusion.


Each of these drawings was built in a month. I work on the drawing for a short period of time each day without a prescribed end state in mind. Unexpected forms emerge while carrying forward traces of the past. Erasures, overdrawings, errors, and eccentric spatial conditions result from the negotiation between accident and intention, like witnessing the evolution of the built environment. These drawings inform my architectural design and research both formally (accumulation of simple geometries) and conceptually (designing for flexibility and multiple future conditions).