Hudson Yards I

Ms. Braasch was a designer for Hudson Yards 1 while working at Della Valle Bernheimer.  For more information click here to visit the Bernheimer Architecture website.

From Bernheimer Architecture:

While opportunities and dreams may be seem limitless in New York, land is not.  The adoption of the Hudson Yards Zoning District marks the single largest opportunity to expand New York City’s midtown district.  Taken together with the extension of the No. 7 train, the Rail Yards development, the expansion of the Convention Center, the migration of the Midtown district west is now beginning.  The building design is shaped from the irregular, mid-block site and the zoning constraints, and takes inspiration from the anticipated development within the neighborhood.  The project uses the shift in the building’s situation to inform the urban strategy, mass articulation, and ultimately the expression of the façade through a series of faceted glazing units which reflect and refract light in varying patterns.

This project was done in collaboration with Architecture Research Office.