Flex Studio

Although this 300 square foot home contains no traditional partitioning, the design defines boundaries for bedroom, workspace, library, kitchen, and bathroom.  The studio can be experienced as a spacious single room volume for one or be transformed to accommodate social gatherings.  Innovative storage solutions render belongings easily accessible without clutter.

The studio is comprised of two main elements: a modulated wood surface and embedded storage volumes.  The height and folds of the surface respond to the programmatic requirements.  Originating as stair seats, the surface then forms the platform bed.  From there, it runs along the wall to comprise the nightstand, desk, dining table, and finally the kitchen counter.  The dining table segment of the surface can be detached and pulled into the center of the living space for a dinner party.

The storage needs were carefully planned to ensure that the studio remained uncluttered while providing the appropriate levels of accessibility.  Drawers for clothing are built into the face of the bed. Deep file storage is behind concealed doors below the mattress of the platform bed.  Everyday items for the office and kitchen are just below the work surface.

The boundary between the living space and the bathroom consists of a double sided closest.  The sliding doors can be opened on one side to make the bathroom private or opened on both sides to give the solitary bather a view of the entire volume.